Life is a journey that we are all on no matter who we are. Sometimes the journey is tough but the joy is in finding all the little hidden trails on those occasions you decide to stray off the main route.

I’ve always enjoyed travelling ever since I was a youngster. Whether it was to visit friends and relatives across the Tasman or around the South Island of NZ growing up, it was always exciting to pack your bags and set off on a new trip. In my adult life it has been no different be it venturing across the Pacific in search of waves, travelling throughout Asia as an overseas marketer or touring around Europe you know, because Europe!

Many of these trips have been shared with my wife who is no stranger to travel herself. Having grown up in a family that ran an English Language School for many years she has visited more than 20 countries – and half before she was a teenager! Over the years we have journeyed together discovering different places, trying different things and meeting different people along the way. Having a family has meant that we now get the opportunity to teach our kids how rewarding it can be to explore the world around you.

Please don’t go thinking that this means you always have to venture to faraway lands. Too often we forget about (or even ignore) how great it can be to explore our own backyards. Maybe it’s that local café or park that you drive past every day. It could be that restaurant your workmate keeps mentioning or that cool bar your friend is always raving about. The rainforest you’ve always wanted to walk through or the coastal drive you’ve been itching to do. Whatever it might be that thing is there offering you the chance to discover it for yourself. It’s great to look forward to that big holiday once a year but what are you doing in between?

There will always be time to start this and finish that but look for those moments you can seize and jump on them. Forget the errands for a second, load the boot of the car and do a daytrip. There’s a high chance you’ll be rewarded if you just get out there. Now I’m not sure about you but I reckon those dishes can wait.